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What Review is All About

Review is there to help you to succeed. It makes a real difference.

Using it is like having a good teacher who's always there to help and support you. It will systematically step you through GCSE Science - it's been written to exactly match your syllabus. It offers help when you need it and give feedback on your progress. It's very extensive and particular, and assumes nothing on your part, except your desire to do well.

Best of all, it puts you completely in control. You take responsibility for your own learning, doing what you choose as and when you choose, at the rate you find most comfortable. No one is looking over your shoulder, and no one monitors you over the internet.

Review on iPad, iPhone and Android

The app itself is how you like it, completely distraction free. There are no ads; it doesn't try to sell you anything, except itself! It's completely safe - it doesn't try to collect any information or images, or let you talk to anyone else.   GCSE and KS3 Review have been in schools since 1996, and are constantly rewritten to match current specifications.

To get the most from these apps, use them little and often. Whenever you've got a bit of quiet time bring it up and use it for ten minutes.

Every day is best.

Find out the work you're going to cover in school, and use Review before your lessons. This gives you a head start over the others, and means you'll better understand what's going on.

When the topic is complete, use Review again. This helps consolidate what you've learned so far. Keep this pattern up throughout the course, and you'll enjoy science in school all the more.

About six weeks from your final exam, take a deep breath and clear the high scores that have appeared on the menu! Then methodically run through each and every set of panels to get 100%.

A Bit More About Review

Though Review has been designed to be very easy to use, it's not a game or a quiz. Nor is it a set of exam questions for you to struggle through. You've got to be prepared to work with it and to put the time in; the reward for you is that it typically raises a person's result by at least two grades. For instance, a predicted D turns into B.   The great thing is, though, that you'll find you really enjoy using it.

It's an extensive resource that helps you to learn through understanding, thus giving you a firm foundation to carry on with science to beyond GCSE.

The app is comfortable and straightforward to use. You don't need to use a keyboard, and all the touch areas are large and responsive.

Most of all, this app has been written with you in mind. It's not there to let your parents monitor you, nor is it for your teacher in school to fill in a homework record or mark book. It's for you. When you say to yourself 'I want to do the very best I can in science' and are ready to take action, that's the time to start with Review.

Good luck!

How To Get Review

To help you decide, there are free samples for almost all of our apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore.   Find these by searching for 'Pembroke Soft Free', and make sure you get the apps that match your exam board - ask your science teacher if you're not sure.   Try these samples for a few days, and then make your own decision as to whether to upgrade.