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We've got a simple approach to problems.   We try to make the software as perfect as possible, so that there aren't any.

Therefore, if you do have an issue please let us know so that we can resolve it.

Networked PCs

If you are part of a school using Review or any of our software on a network of PC computers, and your software is not running, the best thing is to ring us on 01646 672832 during the daytime, or early evening.   If we are not available, leave a message and someone will phone you back as soon as possible to help sort out the problem.  

All of our software runs very effectively and with very few problems on PCs.  This offer of help includes sending your school replacement installation CDs if the old ones are lost or damaged.   We also provide full support for the lifetime of the product.  

There is no charge for this service - we're here to help, rather than to try to benefit from peoples' misfortunes.   As far as we know, we've never failed to solve a problem with PCs.   All versions of our school software from 2002 onwards will run on Windows 7 and 8;  also, Microsoft have promised that it will also run on the upcoming Windows 10.

Science Content

The content of Review is large, and, in spite of repeatedly checking by both reading and the use of a spell checker, typos do sometimes get through the net.   We'd would like to know of any errors of this type, and would be grateful to hear from you, though these will not normally be corrected until the next major update.

As you'd expect, we've very carefully crafted the science content.   However, if you do have an issue with either the words we've chosen or even the science itself, then please do let us know.


This is a whole new world for us!   We've transferred Review to tablet form , and we think that this is the platform that it has been waiting for all along.    The app lends itself very well to taps and touches, and even we think that Review looks really beautiful on an iPad!

If you are having problems, we want to know.   This will give us a chance to sort them out, and then the Apple or Android update service can do the rest.